CliffSound Productions

Set in rural Somers, NY on three private and serene acres,CliffSound Productions is a full production studio.  Born in 1995 in Yonkers NY, it started as a simple set up for recording basic drum tracks for people, but now has evolved to this full-on current edition. A three car garage was gutted and a full wall to ceiling design by Larry Swist was installed. Known for designing many award winning rooms, see some of Larry’s other credits here:

The studio is a freestanding building that offers clients to stay overnight if desired. Located just 1.5miles from the metronorth train station we are 1:15 train or 1 hour by car from NYC. It consists of  live room designed for capturing live drums. (go figure!) and a perfectly tuned control room to be able to mix accurately. The downstairs garage is also wired to record amps or whatever, as well as the lounge.  Full glass and /or video links between all rooms.

Best known for his innovative drumming with Michel Camilo, Spyro Gyra, Bill Evans, Paquito D’Rivera, Pure Prairie League and many more diverse artists, Joel brings innovation to the board as well.

“My thing is to help people achieve their vision” says Joel in a recent issue of Drumhead Magazine. “Whether I’m playing or producing tracks ‘by mail’ or working with a band from ‘soup to nuts’ here at CliffSound, I work with artists to understand their sonic vision and make it happen”


CliffSound Equipment list


Petrov studio upright acoustic piano

Roland FP-3 Midi weighted piano

Korg X5D

Alesis DMP Pro

Roland SRV 2000

Roland JV 1010

Peavy Fury 4 string bass

Gretsch Drums

Tama Drums

35 snare drums (assorted manufacturers)

assorted Percussion (congas, bongos, timbales, hand percussion)

GK 800RB bass head

Mark Bass 4×10 cabinet

Ampeg Reverb Rocket


Full video link between all 3 rooms

Behringer 16 channel Private Cue system

Antelope Audio GOLIATH interface, clock and conversion

Apogee AD16 conversion

Benchmark DAC1 D to A

Hafler TMR8 monitors with matched subwoofer

Avantone cubes

Yamaha NS-10’s

Bose, Apple monitors

Hafler power amps

Avalon 737SP

UA 2-610 stereo pre

8 channels custom ADK Mic pre’s with swappable transformers

ART pro MPA stereo tube pre

4 channels ADK CLA-2 compressors

Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, ADK, Samson, Yamaha, Cad, Beyer mics

Radial, Countryman Direct boxes

Presonus Firebox interface

Digital Performer, Logic, Protools

Mac 8 core computer

lots of plugs—–

Full remote set-up in the live room to record and engineer while at the drums!